Our herbal teas keep their freshness throug a cold drying process carried out at once and speedily. This process ensures the organoleptic characteristics at best preserving the beneficial properties of each of them.

The fresh product is transferred to our dehydration cell on special gratings that favor the flow of air between the leaf biomass. After a cycle of 2-3 days, the product is ready for the subsequent processing steps.

The husking is carried out with a manual method by friction of the leaves and flowers on a special stainless steel grid that maintains the temperature of the raw material at the environmental level avoiding any overheating. The sorting and screening operations are also carried out in two phases. The first one is mechanical, aimed at separating the less valuable parts of the plant, such as the stems, and the second one is made by hand.This last step allows us to refine the product, check its quality and ensure that only the noblest parts of the plant arrive in your cup.