The first fundamental step carried out by our company is the choice of essences and varieties to grow. In fact, a careful and quality selection allows the attainment of an excellent raw material, that is the basis for a special refinement giving rise to a unique quality.

The care of teas starts right in the field, by hand, with special attention to each single variety. Our plants are grown with a reduced supply of inputs respecting their natural biological cycle.
Weed containment operations and, more generally, cultivation operations are mechanical (weeding, manual weeding and mulching). We protect our leaves and flowers by using specific organic products trying to limit their use to the bare minimum.

The harvest of our herbal teas is done strictly by hand respecting the balsamic time of each one.
The operations are carried out in the early hours of the day in order to ensure the maximum content of the active ingredients and the non-perishable nature of the product.